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The Who Story at Belgrade Theatre Coventry
The Who Story cast details
The Goldhawks logo

The Goldhawks are a truly world-class international band acclaimed as the world’s number one tribute to The Who with many accolades from friends and family of The Who themselves.

Working in various outfits, touring and meeting up once in a while they realised they were all ardent fans of the best band in the world, from there it was an easy decision, ”Let’s play only our favourite music and forget everything else!”

They’ve never looked back!

With their smash-hit theatre tour of 'Quadrophenia, the album, LIVE!' under their belt (culminating with film stars, Phil Daniels, Trevor Laird and Jane Horrocks on stage with them at a sold-out show in Brighton) the world's finest tribute to The Who will be out on the road with The Who Story in 2021.

The Goldhawks are:

Doug Freeman - Lead vocals

Marco Cape - Guitar/vocals

Ivan Williams -  Guitar/vocals

Mac Appleton - Keyboards

Saul Watson - Bass guitar/vocals

Steely Thatcher -  Drums

Colin Jones - Horns/piano/percussion

Steph Shore - Horns/percussion

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